Ridge Point Nonprofit Housing Corporation is a nonprofit housing corporation founded in 1968 for the purpose of developing and operating low and moderate-income housing and community facilities for the residents of Bayview Hunters Point.  Ridge Point developed Ridgeview Terrace in 1968, which is a 100-unit HUD-financed affordable housing development.  In 2012, Ridge Point refinanced the property and in late 2013 has completed renovations to prolong the useful life of the property.  Also in 2002, Ridgeview acquired Jackie Robinson Apartments, which is an At-Risk HUD-financed affordable housing development.  Ridge Point renovated the property and has preserved it as affordable housing.  Ridge Point places special emphasis on resident and community involvement and generating training and employment opportunities in all of its development efforts.  Since 1968 Ridge Point has had a presence in the Hunters Point community and is notably one of the few nonprofit development partners to buy-out its for-profit partner, helping to ensure long-term affordability of housing in the Bayview neighborhood.  Larry Hollingsworth, President & CEO of Ridge Point, has been at the helm of the organization since 1968 and helped refinance and rehabilitate Jackie Robinson and Ridgeview Terrace.

In 2005, Ridge Point formed The Hunters View Community Partners with the John Stewart Company and Devine & Gong, Inc., and was selected by the San Francisco Housing Authority to revitalize Hunters View, a dilapidated 267-unit public housing project located in the Bayview/Hunters View neighborhood of San Francisco. The revitalization consists of replacing all public housing units on-site and intermixing up to 350 additional housing units, including other affordable rental units as well as affordable and market rate homeownership units. This revitalization will both improve the quality of life for Hunters View’s residents and provide many benefits for the broader community.  Another key goal of this project is establishing new approaches for revitalizing public housing without federal funding (given the decline and possible termination of the Federal HOPE VI program).